Prayer Works!

The Power of Prayer

I grew up in church, so I’ve always had the opportunity to learn about God’s love, his grace and his mercy. I learned how to lean and depend on God when any given situation was out of my hands. I always pray that God will keep me wrapped in his arms of protection and to teach and guide me to do his will.

I learned that the power of prayer works. When life seems so bleak and hopeless, God’s word spreads light over that darkness and brings hope to us that may have otherwise given up. Luke 18:1 says that man should always pray. It’s not hard to understand why man should always pray. Just stop, look and listen around you. Seen and unseen danger is lurking round about us every day. Prayer gives us hope when we’re hopeless. When we pray we are giving God authority to rule over our lives, so when we encounter danger, God is a refuge in the time of danger. God is a comforter when we have lost loved ones and are grief stricken. God is whatever we need him to be. That intimacy with God gives us an assurance that he is right there with us when we need him.

Exercising your belief in God, gives God the authority to exercise his grace and mercy in your lives. The more you call on the name of Jesus, the more power you have to overcome whatever is blocking your way.

Remember to put God first in whatever you do. Just when you need him, he’ll be right there. Keep Praying! Keep Believing! Because prayer works!

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