Let’s Stand!

Let’s Stand In Spite of the Road Blocks

Not only is our nation divided, we ignore the fact that division exists within our own families and our communities. Our hearts have waxed cold. We don’t love each other any more.  We find that everybody is trying to get ahead and don’t care how we get ahead or who we have to step on to make it.

When are we going to get back to basics? When are we going to practice what we preach? When are we going to be real role models for the young? The problem with that is, we all are role models whether it’s good or not.  Young people watch us and how we present ourselves and they do and say what they see and hear.  We can be positive role models or we can be role models that no one should want to pattern after.  When are we going to live with purpose?  God has created us with a purpose for each one of our lives.

As the saying goes, “A house divided against its self cannot stand.” If we don’t learn to pull together for the good of ALL, we will fall. Let’s stand! Let’s stand and be the great nation that we are! Let’s stand up for what is right and just in the eyes of God.

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Hi! I am the owner of Gospel Musicians/The Connection where I've made it my business to connect churches and gospel musicians together to create a gospel connection. I reach out to churches throughout the United States that have church music jobs available and gospel musicians that are qualified for the positions available, and then bring them together. To share a little about me, I AM A CHILD OF GOD who loves to attend Sunday School and bible study just as much as Sunday worship service. I love reciting poetry and doing short readings whether it is scriptures from the bible or poems like "Lord, Why Did You Make Me Black?", Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream," or "The Creation" by James Weldon Johnson are just a few that I really love to do. I also love to act as narrator for plays or skits. I love to recite inspirational poems that gives people a peace of mind, happiness on the inside, joy that touches the soul and hope for a better tomorrow. I have a prayer that I pray: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! In the name of Jesus, Have mercy on ___________(fill in the blank). As you know it doesn't take a long drawn out prayer for God to hear and answer your prayer whether you're praying for your self or for others. I have grown spiritually and my prayer is a litter deeper: "Lord wash me from the inside out, then mold me and make what you want me to be, to do what you want me to do. Use me Lord in your service". Amen

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