Professional Worship Musician Available in PA 19107

Allen Price:  Professional Worship Musician Available in PA 19107

Allen Price is a professional worship musician who plays saxophone, flute, and clarinet.

Any church interested in hiring Mr. Price in Philadelphia, PA  19107, his contact information is available upon request.  Information required:  church name,  Pastor, job position available, description of position available,  city, state, zip code, email and phone number.



Worship Praise Leaders Duties

Worship Praise Leaders Duties

What are the duties of worship praise leaders in the church?

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My Duties as a Praise Worshipper

In detail, please tell us what your duties consist of. For instance, how do you prepare yourself in worship before coming before the congregation with praise? How do you choose your songs for worship?

We ask these questions because worship leaders are more popular now in the church than anytime in the past and new worship leaders are coming in and want to know how to prepare for worship and praise to be successful: