How To Ease The Pain of A Leg Cramp

What Are Leg Cramps?

Leg cramps are known as muscle spasms that may occur suddenly in the middle of the night while sleeping, or it may happen while sitting, standing, walking or even swimming.

The definition provided by Webster dictionary:

Persistent involuntary hypertonicity of one or more muscles usually of central origin and commonly associated with pain and excessive irritability.

How to Relieve Leg Cramps

Instructions to ease the pain of leg cramps (read Disclaimer):

  • Stand straight and tall on a flat surface
  • Bend forward
  • Apply downward strokes to the back of your leg while using the palm of your hand
  • After stroking your leg in a downward motion for a few seconds, you should start feeling the pain ease up.

Do not rub your leg in an up and down motion. It only worsens the situation.

Only rub your leg with the palm of your hand in a downward stroke.  By doing so, it will ease the pain of the cramp and it quickly will subside.


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Consult your physician.  If you are having cramps in your legs, consult a doctor.