Churches and Musicians

We’re back!  Gospel Musicians/The Connection – Church Music Jobs Wanted, is back!

We know that you’ve heard this before, but, we are determined to come back better than ever.  Why?  Because we love doing what we do and we do what we love.  We connect churches and musicians together.

We take creating a connection between churches and musicians seriously.  It is a ministry for us and we know how important it is for a church to have good, dependable, saved musicians for any church music ministry.

After doing this over the years, we have connected with hundreds of musicians and churches who know what they want in a musician and a musician knows if a position is right for them.

This website has had a lot of problems with design and all, we know that and we have been trying to address all of the issues that we had in the past.  Quality service is what you each deserve to receive and we want to give you that.  We want to be your #1 resource for finding church musicians available  and available church positions.

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