My Favorite Bible Verse

My Favorite Bible Verse

Out of all the bible verses that I could have chosen as my favorite, I chose Psalm 51:20.  This bible verse has been a road map that has guided me through times in my life when I could have grown up without any morals or ethics.  But, thank God, this bible verse is a prayer that I’ve used continuously throughout my life to ask God to keep me on the right path to do his will.

Why?  Because I want to be more Christlike in my everyday walk.  I want to be more like Christ.

My favorite bible verse is quoted from the King James Version of the bible as follows:

Create in me a clean heart, oh God, and renew a right spirit within me.   Psalm 51:20

Morals, Ethics or Just Plain Evil

Does your morals and ethics ever come in to play when it comes to making decisions that will change your life forever. Do you, will you or have you ever drawn the line to what you will and will not do?

How far will you go before you realize that you are crossing the line of the morals and ethics that you have lived by all your life? When does it get to the point where you know what you are about to do or has done is wrong and is about to or has crossed the line of no return?

After crossing that line, there is one thing for sure, your life will never be the same. But wait, don’t do it! Don’t hurt someone because you’re angry. Don’t kill somebody because you just fill like it! Don’t rob a person because you like what they have and you want it! Don’t act on evil thoughts that come into your head and think that it’s okay. Because, it’s not, okay.

We all have urges to do things that we know isn’t right and is nowhere within the boundaries of our morals or ethics. It is without a doubt, that if we don’t draw a line as to whether we will do harm to others, in whatever aspect that may come to mind, remember this one thing, GOD IS WATCHING YOU AND HE KNOWS EVERYTHING YOU DO?

I say to you, you, and especially you. If you are on the verge of doing some type of awful crime or act, don’t! Please don’t! Stop now! Don’t do it!

The only answer that I can recommend to you to help you overcome doing evil to others is to PRAY! Call on the name of JESUS over and over and over again until you know that God has heard and answered you. Go to God earnestly and pour out your heart to him. God is waiting for you. He loves you in spite of whatever we’ve done in our lives.

You don’t have to be a murderer, robber, rapist or commit any crime when you call on the name of Jesus and ask God to give you a mind and heart to want to do good. Take the first step and ask God to clean you up, turn your life around and give you a heart of love and compassion and remove any hate, envy, and strife against others. DO