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Hi! I am the owner of Gospel Musicians/The Connection where I've made it my business to connect churches and gospel musicians together to create a gospel connection. I reach out to churches throughout the United States that have church music jobs available and gospel musicians that are qualified for the positions available, and then bring them together. To share a little about me, I AM A CHILD OF GOD who loves to attend Sunday School and bible study just as much as Sunday worship service. I love reciting poetry and doing short readings whether it is scriptures from the bible or poems like "Lord, Why Did You Make Me Black?", Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream," or "The Creation" by James Weldon Johnson are just a few that I really love to do. I also love to act as narrator for plays or skits. I love to recite inspirational poems that gives people a peace of mind, happiness on the inside, joy that touches the soul and hope for a better tomorrow. I have a prayer that I pray: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! In the name of Jesus, Have mercy on ___________(fill in the blank). As you know it doesn't take a long drawn out prayer for God to hear and answer your prayer whether you're praying for your self or for others. I have grown spiritually and my prayer is a litter deeper: "Lord wash me from the inside out, then mold me and make what you want me to be, to do what you want me to do. Use me Lord in your service". Amen

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  1. I am a pianist-organist-keyboard player of over 25 years experience in playing for multicultural church audiences. My skills are very diversified. My skills comprises of playing traitional gospel,contemporary gospel, hyms, anthems, worship and praise music, teaching vocal harmony, arranging and rearranging music, orchestrating music, composing music and writing songs. I would love to exercise my gift and talent in a good, godly and spiritually motivated and word based ministry where I’m also being compensated extremely well.

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