About Us

Gospel Musicians/The Connection connects churches and musicians together by creating a network of churches and musicians.

How We Got Started

About Us

In 2006, Gospel Musicians/The Connection was created for the sole purpose of connecting churches and gospel musicians together in one community. It all began when my son started pursuing a job as a church organist. He was 14 years old at that time and it became clear that this was a passion of his to be able to play the organ while lifting up the name of Jesus. Does this sound familiar? Yes! The similarity is so great, don't you feel that you are reading about yourself. Do you remember the days of searching through the yellow pages before the internet became so popular? It was the only way to get contact information for churches to call and inquire about church positions available other than word of mouth? It was a daunting process that would cause even the most passionate musician to become frustrated and ready to give up.
I sometimes assisted my son in his search through the yellow pages and after a while, I knew that there had to be a better way of finding church jobs. It was then that the idea of creating a website for gospel musicians for the sole purpose of connecting gospel musicians and churches together was born. By creating a website that connects churches and gospel musicians together, it is well worth the effort when we get a thank you from churches and musicians about how glad they are that this site exists.

What We Offer Churches

We offer services to churches who are searching for good musicians. Musicians who are dependable, qualified, experienced and knows the order of Sunday Services.
Services offered to churches include:

  • Church registration
  • Church listing of available music jobs
  • Receives email notification of musicians available in your area

What We Offer Church Musicians

We offer services to you, musicians who are searching for church music jobs. Musicians looking for the opportunity to use their gifts and talents to the glory of God.
Services offered to church musicians include:

  • Church musician registration
  • A listing of available church jobs
  • Receives email notification of church jobs available in your area


Every church, gospel musician, gospel group, gospel artists, special events coordinators, recording studios, home-going services(funerals), weddings, celebrations and any other religious organization that is in need of our services, be sure to check us out and review or browse through our listings of available church positions and available gospel musicians. If you have questions, comments or concerns, please contact us.